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Aegean WoNderS (5 Days - 4 Nights)


Day 1. (IzmIr - Pergamon - KusadasI)

Pick up from Izmir airport. Travel to the majestic antique Greek city of Bergama (Pergamon), which was once a great center of culture, and which survives as one of Turkey's finest archaeological sites. Take a tour of the Asclepion, Temple of Athena, library and palace. Drive on back to Kusadasi, which is in the middle of many major sites of the Aegean region, and consequently is a very suitable base for the tours that will take place for the following two days. Overnight - Kusadasi


Day 2. (EphesUs)

A full day reserved to visit the biblical city of Ephesus, the ancient Roman capital of Asia Minor. Ephesus is widely regarded as one of the best-preserved Roman cities in the world and center of early Christianity. Visit the chapel of the Virgin Mary and the nearby archeological museum. Overnight - Kusadasi


Day 3. (Prıene, Mıletus & Dıdyma - Bodrum)

We depart from Kusadasi for Priene, Miletus & Didyma. Alexander the Great assigned the city of Priene to watch the unreliable city of Miletus. He also lived in the city and paid for the construction of the Temple of Athena Polias. After flourishing during the Hellenistic and passing through the Pergamene Kingdom periods the city declined under Roman rule and was later abandoned. Later we visit Miletus, the most magnificent building is – the Great Theatre, a remarkably intact 25,000 - seat amphitheater built by the Ionians and kept up by the Romans. And then we shall see Didyma. The Temple of Apollo is among the world’s most impressive religious structures. Drive through the wonderful landscape to the charming town of Bodrum. Overnight - Bodrum


Day 4. (Bodrum)

Today explore the history of Bodrum. Known in ancient times as “Halicarnassus”. Many civilisations found their home here. Herodotus, known as the father of history, was born in Bodrum in 484 BC. We start with the visit to the medieval Castle of St Peter, a fine example of 15th century Crusader architecture. It has been converted into the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, and contains finds from the oldest Mediterranean shipwreck ever discovered. Then we proceed to Goktepe for a stunning panoramic views and to the nearby the second century Antique Theatre, cut into the rock of the hillside. Have Lunch in one of the traditional Turkish restaurants. In the afternoon we visit the remains of the Mausoleum, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world, built for King Mausolos by his wife. The word ‘mausoleum’ itself comes for the monumental tomb. Time permitting, explore the narrow, white - walled streets of old Bodrum> where one can find small shops selling goods of all kinds. Overnight - Bodrum.


Day 4. (Bodrum - Istanbul)

Last minute shopping, time permitting, and transfer to the Bodrum airport for ongoing destinations.


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