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If you want to see where the mythological legends arose such as Troy, Mount Ida, Temple of Artemis, Ephesus, Didyma, Mausoleum, it will be the main destination of your private itinerary. The roman influence is intense in that region but not the only one. Hittites, Amazons, Ionians were some of them who left their traces. Blue Cruise with gullet, Paragliding, scuba diving or ATV Safaris are some of the activities that we can add to your private tour program to change the rhythm of your tour.. May to November is the perfect period to visit this region to see the beauties of the nature. By the way, olive and olive oil foods are as legendry as Troy itself but come after the Aegean Wines.




» UNESCO declares Pamukkale, Hierapolis and Troy as World Heritage Sites.

» Virgin Mary's house where she spent her last days, situated on the top of Bulbul dagi (Ephesus), is considered as a holy place for all religions.

» Some of the historic legends such as Homer (the poet), Herodotus (the father of history) was born in this region.

» The famous Trojan Wars took place in Truva town.

» Seven Churches of Revelation are all in Aegean Region in Turkey (Ephesus, Sardis, Tyatira, Pergamon, Philadelphia, Smyrna, Collosae)

» The Color "Turquoise" comes from the clean see color on the Aegean Cost in Turkey.

» The world's greatest amphora and glass collection is in Bodrum Museum in Bodrum Castle.


Gullet turkey


Gullets are special  turkish origin wooden yachts mainly used in Bodrum area and they are cruising around  the turquoise colored bays of the Aegean coasts which are naturally protected and provide shelter for small boats or yachts.

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The City had  been founded as an acropolis(high leveled city) occupied by the nobility and officialdom, the Middle City and an extensive Lower City with buildings dating mainly to the Roman period. Asclepion the healing center of the city is as famous and important as Pergamon itself.



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Turkey was constantly inhabited by great civilizations since the Neolithic age until now. For that reason the culture is just mirrored in the thick walls in place consisting of different sizes and shapes of stonework.

  house of virgin mary


Visions of the German nun Anne Catherine EMMERICH were not taken serious but her words remained in an old book and it caused the rediscovering of Virgin Mary’s house, the house, where she had spent her last days.



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This natural formation of white Travertines adorned with Hierapolis antique city remains from the 2nd century B.C. and city has one of the greatest necropolises with its different style of sarcophaguses and tumuli in Turkey.

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Aphrodisias which is an hour away from Pamukkale, has the best prepared marble statues of the antique era. It was the school for sculpture and you can see the artworks still today in the garden of Aphrodisia’s Museum of Archeology.



travel bodrum


One of the gems of the Aegean coast, Bodrum was founded in the 7th century B.C. by Dorians and because of its natural bays; it became a very important trade port in the region. One of the Seven wonders of the Ancient World is here: The Mausoleum (The Grave of King Mausolos).

  troy turkey


“The love for the most beautiful woman on Earth Helena” and that was the beginning of the end of  the legend handled in Homer’s Troy.. Starting from 3000 B.C. people inhabited that city and it’s 9 layers of civilization underneath the city give us an indication of their way of living.








ephesus travel


It is a full day tour in and around Ephesus, the best-preserved and restored ancient city in Turkey, which is known to be the Commercial, the Religious and the Social Center of Antiquity. Begin your tour with a visit to The Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Then, continue and explore the ancient city of Ephesus with its Great Theatre with a capacity of 24.000 spectators and Celsus Library, the Fountains of Trajan, the Temple of Hadrian and Domitian and Private Houses. After this fascinating places, proceed to the Basilica of St. John and the nearby Archaeological Museum. Then we shall visit the House of the Virgin Mary, where she spent her final days before ending our program.

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Pamukkale, which means Cotton Castle”, is a beautiful and spectacular natural site famous for its fairy-like, dazzling white, travertine terraces. These white limestone cliffs have attracted visitors since the times before Christ. Upon arrival, we have a  walk in the extraordinary Necropolis where you can see different styles of sarcophagus and graves. Then you will reach the main city and you can start to explore the Roman city of Hierapolis. You will visit the extensive remains of this antique site, such as the Museum, Roman baths, Temple of Apollo and Plutonium called as a Gateway to Hell  because of its poisonous carbon dioxide gas.

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The majestic antique Greek city of Bergamo or Pergamon, which was a great center of culture, survives as one of Turkey's finest archaeological sites. Start your tour from Asclepion, an antique healing center where Galen, founder of the health principles of diet, relaxation, exercise, was born. Then, proceed to Red Hall which was one of the biggest temples in Antiquity, dedicated to the Egyptian Goddess, Serapis. Then we will visit the Acropolis of Bergamo famous about its steepest Antique Theater and taken Altar of Zeus, today you can see it in Berlin Museum. This is the birthplace of parchment which means “ Pergamon Paper”.

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Great Boutique Hotel in Bodrum which has overlooking view of the province. Besides their comfortable rooms and facilities, their professional care about you will make you addicive.

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Art, nature, comfort and style are the elements of the Hotel which make sit absolute experience. There is no way to not feel special in there.

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After stress of daily rush, it is perfect choice to spent a night in this original village. without television or phone but all comfort.

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Best option for Kusadasi district with their great location and comfortable rooms.

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Energetic, innovative and contemporary are the first words that you will think. Hotel rooms have a great view of Aegean sea and restaurant will spoil your feelings.

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On the overlooking view of Barbaros Bay, Kempinski hotel provides acquaintance elegance of Kempinski Hotels comfort.


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