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Cappadocia travelThe Fairy tale of the nature started million years ago with volcanoes. Then wind, rain and the temperature differences started to give shape to the region and humans added the meaning and spirit. Region was one of the important sights of the Mother Goddess “Kybele” and just like a mother; the region accepted all people who sought refuge. Especially early Christians used this place as a shelter because  its nature caves and underground cities date back to the Hittites. This region is the perfect place where you can see various types of natural environment, history and art. Frescoes of the cave-churches, underground cities, bird nests, valleys and fairy chimneys are first things to remember but also cave-hotels, hiking in the valleys and Hot air Ballooning are the other attractive reasons to come here. Cappadocia accepts guests in all seasons because each season  changes the face of Cappadocia and with our  professional help, everything will be simply “stunning”.



» UNESCO declares Goreme Open Air Museum as a World Heritage Site.

» The world largest number of cave churches are in Cappadocia, many with in-situ frescos.

» The earliest domesticated wheat, Einkorn, can still be found growing wild in Cappadocia.

» Three of the greatest fathers of the Christian Church, Saint Basil, Saint Gregory of Nazianzus, and Saint Gregory of Nyssa, were all Cappadocians.

» The most famous Dragon Slayer, Saint George was born in Cappadocia and the crusades spreaded his fame to Europe.

» The Cappadocia region has about 30 known ancient underground cities that could safely hide 100,000 people in troubled times.


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Reclusion, monastery life, icons… these subjects shaped in here. Mainly from the 3rd and 4th century the churches have great samples of local art with natural colored frescoes. This site counts as a UNESCO World Heritage  because of its uniqueness.

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This remote section is the place where you can see the dying or maturing fairy chimneys but more over, this place called Monk Valley because it was used for hermitage. The hermitage of Simeon monks was also here.



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Multi level underground cities remain from the 8th and 7th century BC. And used by all civilizations who inhabited it them. They used them mainly to protect themselves against enemies. Both of them are the most known.

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Cappadocia is famous because of  its landscape, and tremendous views. Hot air balloons provide you to see these beauties from different angles. It is the  absolute highlight of the region.





Ihlara valley is a sharp volcanic gorge honeycombed with rock-cut underground dwellings and churches from the Byzantine period.

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If you like to stroll off the beaten track head for hiking routes and explore some remote places, Soganli valley and its frescoed churches, remains from 9th to 13th centuries, will be a great option for you.








Private Tour Cappadocia

We begin with a visit to Goreme Open Air Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to view some of the fascinating frescoed and in rock carved churches. We then stop in the historic village of Cavusin followed by a stroll among the majestic fairy chimneys of Pasabag. Afterwards, we continue to Saruhan, a very authentically and beautifully restored 13th century Seljuk caravanserai. In Avanos, a town renowned primarily for its traditional pottery work, we stop for lunch, followed by a visit to the famous pottery artisans who have their workshps in rock carved as well. Before returning to the hotel, we will enjoy the panoramic view of Goreme valley.

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We first travel across the fertile plains of Cappadocia, passing through several villages to arrive at Kaymakli, one of the largest and most fascinating multilevel underground cities and a unique feature of this region. Then we proceed to Güzelyurt (Gelveri), hometown of St. Gregory Nazianzen where we take a short tour of this very authentic Turkish village. After lunch, we descend into the sheer-sided canyon of Ihlara Valley. This deep and lush canyon is divided by a stream, on both sides of which ancient rock hewn churches remain. Here we enjoy a very pleasant and easy 4km hike through the canyon to arrive in Belisirma, an authentic and unspoiled village. Then we leave for Selime to visit this surreal, ancient monastic site and several rock hewn churches before returning to the hotel.

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We begin with a visit to Pigeon Valley. Then we pass through typical Anatolian villages such as Ayvali and Mazi to arrive in Soganli Valley, also known as the ‘Valley of Dolls,’ where many Byzantine period rock tombs are found. Here, we take a leisurely hike to explore the Cappadocian architectural style rock carved churches and monastery ruins. After lunch in a village, we pass through the village of Sahinefendi, and visit Sobessos, a recently discovered late Roman site featuring incredible mosaic work. We then proceed to Taskinpasa Caravanserai, which now serves as the village library and features a wonderfully carved stone gate. The next stop will be the Byzantine Keslik Monastery, followed by a visit to Mustafapasha (Sinasos), renowned for its excellent Ottoman and Greek architecture. Here, we will take an easy stroll to explore the village and the first church that was constructed by the Ottomans for the Christian community. We then proceed to Urgup to explore this ancient town. Before returning to the hotel, we will stop to see the famous fairy chimneys known as “The Three Beauties”.

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Very much more than a Hotel. Expression of comfort and luxury in traditional style is the success of Museum Hotel where you will bale to have Jacuzzi in cave-suites or joining the special treatment in massage terrace overlooking to beautiful Cappadocia Valleys. Hotel's alacarte Restaurant, Lil’a is “sine qua non” of the region.

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Hotel consists of restored two old Greek mansions in Mustafapasa (Sinasos), one of the oldest villages found in this region. Both mansions are decorated in authentic style to reflect their origins. They have only 19 rooms which provides cozier atmosphere during your stay.

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You have the natural right to demand “the perfect” setting for the most important and special day of your life!.. What would be more impressive than a perfect boutique wedding in a Cappadocia valley or in a Hot air balloon or in the UNESCO World Heritage Site – Goreme Open air Museum? Please click for the “unique wedding packages” specially designed for Cappadocia.


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