In Rose Mansions all our guests are welcomed in their comfortable and ottoman-greek styled rooms. But what we offer isn't limited with perfect accommodation. The mansions have lots of great features which will make your Cappadocia visit unforgettable.


Rose Mansions have 19 rooms for guests. 7 of them are in the first Mansion while 12 of them are placed in the second. These rooms are;

4 Arched Ceiling Rooms (First Mansion)
3 Wooden Ceiling Rooms (First Mansion)
1 King Suite - Balkonlu (Second Mansion)
1 Cave Suite (Second Mansion)
1 Arched Ceiling Suite (Second Mansion)
3 Cave Rooms (Second Mansion)
6 Arched Ceiling Rooms (Second Mansion)

All rooms are decorated with the Greek - Ottoman architectural and cultural synthesis. They attract the gusets with stone workmanship and ornaments more than hundred aged.


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