Waking up to a dream...

A village, thousands of years old; buildings, untouched since 1950s when their inhabitants left in search for more modern places... An astonishing nature and historical texture that leaves you speechless; that makes you wonder, how? How is it possible that giant rocks stand on top of the fairy chimneys as if they were put there deliberately?


The whole region is declared as natural and historical preservation land, so that it will remain the same even hundred years from now.

Taskonaklar was built in respect with this nature and history. Every stone, every arch, every old chimney was preserved while Taskonaklar was brought to life. That’s why not one room is similar to another and each room has its own character, where simplicity is blended with comfort.

Within five minutes of walk from Taskonaklar, lies a valley that will take you to another world. You are now actually a part of the amazing scenery you were watching from the terrace of your room; welcome to the Pigeon Valley. Just stare at thousands of hand carved pigeon nests that lie on the hills while pigeons’ cheeping to welcome you is the only sound breaking the silence.

As the minute you raise your head to the sky you realize once again, only half an hour ago you woke up to a dream to actually live your dream; the sky full of hot air balloons as if they were taking a promenade between the valleys of Cappadocia. As you breath in the clean air, you can contemplate the possibilities for the day ahead: taking in the silence and scenery from your terrace with a glass of local wine or freshly prepared tea; trekking in the valley, horseback riding in the neighbouring village, short excursion to the “fairy castle”, trips with expert guides or in hot air balloons, concerts and other cultural activities…Surrounded by fairy chimneys, you feel you are a character in a fairy tale.


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